• A person eating ravioli served on a plate
  • Salad Pizza, served on a plate
  • Fusilli, served on a plate

Galleria of Merrick

About us

We Italians are known for our expressive enthusiasm for life, deep devotion to family and particular to friends having an obsession with perfectly cooked pasta “al dente”. Our wine must be exceptional and our pizza outstanding. And we’d like to think it is.

In Galleria Pizzeria & Ristorante, it is all about family, great food and a sense that you are truly welcome.
Our philosophy is to create an atmosphere where you can feel at ease and enjoy the fine 'Vera Cucina Italiana.' We aim to make you feel comfortable, provide excellent customer service and tempt you to come again.
Mangiare bene, per vivere bene, la qualita' e la tua salute. By Gaetano Pernice